As The Crow Flies - Bo.Lee Gallery

I am very pleased to have been invited to exhibit six of my drypoint prints of smashed mobile screens in a group show at Bo.lee Gallery opening in December.


As The Crow Flies embraces a contemplation of the struggles often hidden behind a facade. From the powerful portraits of those affected by global conflict to the symbols of confinement caused by physical and mental illness, the artists each use mark-making as a tool to share their own experiences or as a means of coming to terms with the socio-political turmoil that surrounds us.   

Immortalising these journeys in bronze, paint, plaster and print, the selected artworks expose the fragility of health, happiness and security. The timely brush strokes and accidental marks act as a contemplation on life's twists and turns in a journey that may or may not resemble the flight of the crow.